How to Get Rid of Cheating

Get rid of competitors and organized sports. Instead, focus on play, fun, and personal self development.

When is “cheating” a problem? Only when there is an organized sport or competition. But … in real life, real life isn’t an organized sport or competition. Sports and organized competitions distort our view on reality — I think primarily for capitalistic and money making enterprises. Because the truth is, as long as there is money, fame, power and “winning” on the line … people will always “cheat”. Consider even in the Iliad during the horse and foot race, one of the competitors “tripped” the other guy “unfairly” in order to win.

Why compete?

I can deadlift 455 pounds. I have zero interest in competition. Why? I only lift for my own personal ego, vanity, and for physiological reasons. I like looking at my body naked, and I also like seeing my strength gains. I have zero interest whether others are stronger or weaker than me. Here extreme self vanity is good; why compete if I am vain into myself?

For example I don’t use a belt, use straps, I don’t use protein powder, creatine, steroids, or testosterone. Why not? I’m not competing against nobody else. It doesn’t bother me whether I “win” or “lose”. It’s totally for me.