10 Things I Wish I Knew About Photography if I Started All Over Again

Dear friend,

Some practical thoughts, which I hope can inspire and motivate you.

Why You’re a Visual Artist

  1. First of all, recognize that photography is art. As a photographer you’re not just a photographer; you’re a visual artist. This means your camera is your paint brush. Shoot photos as if you’re painting a beautiful painting.
  2. Best to build your own self-hosted website (use bluehost.com or 1and1.com and install wordpress.org) than to use Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of social media. Why? This is the optimal condition for your maximal flourishing as a photographer, entrepreneur, and visual artist. “Until you own yourself you can’t be free” (JAY Z)
  3. Likes, followers, and social media is like crack cocaine for photographers, but worse. Imagine if someone put a number to your self-worth. Not only that, but your self-worth is quantified by a random algorithm. To become the ultimate photographer and visual artist, you must NOT use social media, and delete your instagram.
  4. Perfect photos don’t exist; but great photos do. This means strive to make great compositions and great photos. Perfection isn’t the goal.
  5. The best inspiration from photography comes from OUTSIDE of photography. This means, ‘cross-pollinate‘ your passion in photography with disparate fields.
  6. The best camera is a RICOH GR III. This is all you need. Cheaper options include the RICOH GR II or the even older RICOH GR. Also; RICOH GR III is superior to any Leica camera (Leica M10, etc).
  7. Better to shoot photos on RICOH GR III than your iPhone or smartphone. RICOH GR III photos will have greater longevity; than any pro-level iPhone camera.
  8. The best photos are that of people. These photos will continue to exist and inspire future generations of photographers and humans, even 300 years from now.
  9. The best way to improve your photography is to get (and give) honest feedback and critique on your photos. Upload your photos to arsbeta.com and receive and give honest, real, feedback on your photos.
  10. Your ultimate asset as a photographer is your name. ‘Put your name on it.’ For example, use your first and last name to market, brand, and promote yourself, not some random thing like: “Mysterious street photography INC”. We remember names. Embed your name into stone!


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Never stop shooting:

Fresh inspiration and motivation:

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Your photo assignment:

Your photo assignment for today is simple:

Try to make the most beautiful black and white image possible.

You can just shoot JPEG, high contrast, apply an ERIC KIM Preset, etc. Go out and shoot (or shoot indoors), and upload your 1 best monochrome photo to arsbeta.com

Pumped to see your photos!

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