The Art of Cross-Pollination

Discover beauty in everything and anything.

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You’re a visual bumblebee

The basic gist:

Steal from all forms of art and re-mix them in a way which is pleasing to you!

This means, don’t stick yourself to one small genre of art. All art and forms of artistic self-expression are good and legitimate.

What I do.

I do anything and everything I am interested in. Photography, video, making beats, making GIF images, sketching, drawing, tracing, analyzing, etc.

All fields are interesting. Renaissance painting, architecture, math, science, projective geometry, photography, music, etc.

Why do people try to bubble you into one small category?

My theory:

Whoever categorizes things tend to be nerds who desire to exert power over you by making you easily comprehensible.

For example when we try to psycho-analyze someone, what we are really doing is this:

Haha I discovered why you think this way and behave this way. Thus I am superior to you.

Why do we trap ourselves?

Guilt. The desire to become famous and successful. The desire to be understood by others.

But what if– the secret to greatness and great art is precisely the opposite? To seek to be MISUNDERSTOOD? For example, all great art and artists are constantly debated over all the time. For example 2001 Space Odyssey; everyone wants to interpret the ending in a different way! Or interpret the ending of ‘Inception’ in a different way. Or interpret The Iliad in a different way. Or interpret the obscure and dark sayings of Heraclitus in different ways.

So what are we to do?

Indulge yourself in ALL forms of art. No high art or low art. Only art which interests you and art which doesn’t interest you.


Some real life examples I made in ProCreate and iPad: