Don’t seek to be understood in your photography or life


A thought:

Many of us suffer distress because we feel like we’re “misunderstood” in our photography, art, or life.

But what if we should strive for the opposite; to strive to NOT be understood. Perhaps this is what makes us more enigmatic, interesting, and helps us succeed in life?

6 million ways to be interpreted, choose none.

Once you become understandable or decipherable you become boring. This is why celebrities fascinate us so much; they seem so different from us “normal people”. This is why Elon Musk is so fascinating to us: he seems unhuman in terms of how much he can do, his intelligence, and his hyper human ambitions.

Make un-decipherable photos

Don’t make photos which are easily understood. The more unknown and difficult to understand, the better!

Infinite ways to interpret

Basic ideas:

  1. Make more dark, mysterious images
  2. Strive for clarity when you communicate, but realize the way people interpret you is always out of your control.
  3. Don’t feel distress when others misinterpret you. How do you even know you can properly interpret yourself, your own motives, and your own morals/ethics?

Speak your truth

Don’t censor yourself and simply speak your own personal truth. This is the root of all courage, valor, and great deeds!