How to Review, Edit, and Select Your Photos after a Street Photography Travel Trip

I just got back from Mexico City, and am currently reviewing my photos (two weeks of shooting everyday).

Some ideas and tips:

Practical ideas

  1. Use Lightroom to review your photos on your laptop, then export them as JPEG images to Dropbox. Then use iPad and Dropbox to review your photos again, and then save the photos you like. Furthermore, mark-up the compositions of the photos you like, in order to better digest, understand, and internalize your photos.
  2. Realize that in order to better determine how good the photos are, you must let your photos ‘marinate‘, which means, the longer you sit on your photos, the more objectively you can judge them.
  3. When in doubt, ditch. If your photos are good, they will jump out at you. If you’re not sure how you feel about them, they’re probably not good. If you want honest feedback on your photos (not sure whether they are good or not), upload them to for real feedback.
  4. Don’t fret if you don’t feel like you’ve made good photos or not: You got the rest of your life to make good photos! Better to look through your photos and ask yourself: “What have I learned about myself through this experience and after this experience? How have I changed?”
  5. Share and publish your final photos to your own website/blog. Another idea– use iMovie to make a slideshow of your favorite photos.
  6. Onto the next one“: The great joy in photography — not that there is a final destination, but that you can KEEP GOING! Never stop striving to make new photos and to continue your ever-lasting journey in photography, until you die!


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