Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs pick

Mexico City is Paradise!

Mexico City: one of the best cities for living, street photography, travel, food, coffee, chocolate, meat, dessert, fancy restaurants, street food/tacos, affordable, bread, and more.

What else do you need?

My favorites

Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs pick
Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs

Roma Norte: for living (get your daily bread at Rosetta, or a great espresso at ‘Alma Negra’)

Condesa: for hanging out/partying/coffee (Blend Station)

Polanco: for fancy food (Dolce Patria) and the best Cochinita Pibil (El Turix– order the ‘panucho’– deep-fried taco).

Ideal for digital nomads

Alma Negra; my favorite coffee shop in Roma Norte, Mexico City
Alma Negra; my favorite coffee shop in Roma Norte, Mexico City
  1. Relatively cheap cost of living
  2. Great startup culture (my favorite place to work is ‘Blend Station’). Ubiquitous wifi (not as fast as Vietnam, but good enough)
  3. Great food
  4. Great youth culture

Great for street photography

Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs pick
Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs
  1. People are incredibly friendly, and not anti-camera or anti-photo
  2. Parents aren’t paranoid about you photographing their kids
  3. Tons of street life and people
  4. Great colors

My favorite places to eat/drink/work

  • Meroma (Roma Norte)
  • Rosetta (Roma Norte)
  • Lunch special for Picanha (Brazilian BBQ at Fogo de Chau)
  • Street tacos (cochinita pibil at El Turix in Polanco)
  • Best place for fresh bread: Rosetta (bread stand)
  • Best place to work: Blend Station (Condesa)
  • Best place to have coffee (Alma Negra, Roma Norte)
  • Favorite fancy meal: Dolce Patria (Polanco)
  • Favorite Market: Mercado Medelin (Roma Sur) — get the Carnitas and Chiccharon inside the meat market.
  • Fonda Fina (Roma Norte): Best and affordable ‘fancy Mexican’ restaurant.

Go to Mexico City!

If you love new experiences, go to Mexico City; it will change your life!


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