Advertise Yourself

In today’s world, if you desire success, best to advertise yourself, your character, your ideas, your skills, and your soul over other people, other companies, and other products!

Do you have pride in yourself?

My theory: many people don’t like to advertise themselves because they are ashamed of themselves. They don’t see themselves great or worthy. Thus when people disparage others by calling something “shameless self-promotion”, perhaps these critics simply have no pride in themselves. I believe a new phrase is in order:

Prideful self-promotion.

Why is self-promotion seen as bad?

Perhaps because our society wants everyone to be equal, and to strive for distinction is seen as “evil”. The notion of crabs in a barrel: one crab tries to climb out, and all the other crabs on the bottom continue to drag them back down.

Why you must advertise yourself

  1. Nobody else is gonna do it for you.
  2. By advertising yourself and putting your name on things, you are showing “skin in the game” (or having your name on the line). It is an indicator of genuineness and integrity on your part. It’s proof of pride in yourself.
  3. By advertising yourself you get ahead: Advertise yourself, your name, your skills, your business, your entrepreneurial ventures, your products, your services, and your art. To advertise yourself is all about confidence and practice; the “skill” of self-advertising is simply an accumulation and payoff of your attempts. The more times you self-advertise yourself, the more skillful you get at it, and the more you develop your unique brand, vision, and self.


xiaomi selfie

We new voyagers; we have no shame and fear. We see shame and fear as relics of the past– boogeyman intended to scare us, or to keep us in place with the herd and sheeple. We refuse to be held back. The only way for us is upwards and forward!


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