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Satisfy Your Will

When I pursue and follow and listen to my will, I’m happy! When I act contrary to my will, or feel as if I’m not able to act upon my will, I feel unhappy.

Thus happiness is created from us exercising our will, our willpower and our desires! And the more conscious we are of a gain in our power, the happier we are!


When we desire to follow our will, but we don’t because of fear of punishment or retribution from others, we are in the deepest misery.

However when others let us roam free, fly free and do as we please, we are at the apex of happiness!

Lesson: to maximize your happiness in life, maximize your personal freedom in life.

We want unlimited optionality?

I don’t think we want money; we want money as a means to increase our optionality. We want to NOT have our decisions barred or prevented because of our lack of money. But in the end, we want unlimited options and to do anything we desire to do (in embodied reality).

What does your will want?

This will require great insight into yourself. Only you can begin to understand and know your own personal will. Nobody else!

New challenges, new feats of strength to overcome

Our joy: constantly setting ourselves new goals, new ideals to achieve, and new personal records in powerlifting. Never stop!


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