Pain and Pleasure

We need both pain AND pleasure to accomplish grand things in life!

For example:

  1. Childbirth
  2. Weight lifting and muscle building: After taxing your muscles, you will feel “good pain”— an indicator that your muscles are building and growing, on the road to become stronger! The pleasure of a good workout, or the pleasure of great attempts in powerlifting.
  3. Love: We need both pain and pleasure with our soulmate to grow stronger.
  4. Pain— fright in street photography. Pleasure: the payoff associated with making great photos.
  5. Entrepreneurship: Pain as fear, difficulty, and uncertainty. Pleasure as forward progress.

Don’t be afraid of pain, and don’t focus on pleasure

Cindy lying side me in bed; phone; berlin

The end goal isn’t pleasure for the sake of it. Perhaps pain and pleasure are the yin-yang— we need both.


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