In Praise of Randomness in Photography

What makes photography so fun, interesting, and magical?

Randomness, chance, chaos!

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The joy or upside of film photography

The joy of film:

You don’t know what you’re gonna get!

For example, the randomness of grain in the photos.

In street photography, the randomness of the people you encounter, how people react to you, and also ultimately how the photo turns out.

Also, the randomness of flash photography:

You cannot know with 100% certainty what the flash will do to your photos.

Often I like to shoot with a flash because I wonder:

I wonder what this photo or scene would look like with a flash?

When we see the scene in ‘real life’, it obviously doesn’t look like how it would with a flash. So the random effects of the flash is what makes photography fun — like visual experimentation!

Random shapes, forms, textures

The importance of always having your camera with you and ready to shoot:

You will witness a lot of randomly visually interesting things. Just shoot it!

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