6 Dynamic Street Photography Composition Ideas

Ideas to make new street photos with more force, energy, and dynamism.

1. Photograph people as they cross the street


Photograph people as they cross the street, and get very close. The idea is this:

Make a dynamic photo which feels as if your subject will collide with you.

2. Juxtaposition

Juxtapose your subject in the scene with another image in the scene. This can create a more dynamic and surreal street photograph.

3. Put your camera very close to the edge of a surface

For example saw this kid on the NYC subway and I made a photograph by putting my RICOH GR III and 21mm adapter on the edge of the window, photographing direct him:

4. Triangle composition

Find two static subjects in the frame (“anchor subjects”), then wait for a third person to enter to complete the triangle composition:

5. Corners

When there is a street corner with people walking towards you (and towards a different direction), shoot that corner!

6. Leading curved lines

Look for furniture or other things to direct the eyes of your viewer to your subject. Think of the “Golden section” composition technique.

Golden triangle, golden rectangle.