10 Tips How to Shoot More Interesting Photos

Tips of things to photograph:

1. Work the scene

Don’t just shoot 1-2 photos. Shoot lots of photos with your subject, and treat it like a dance.

2. Shoot your food

The good thing about shooting your food is this:

When you shoot your food, you associate those meals with certain memories with certain people. Thus, when you look at your food photos, you will remember the wonderful and joyful experiences you had (with the people you shared that meal with).

3. Shoot yourself

If you’re lacking subject-matter to shoot, remember: You can always shoot yourself!

Shoot your shadow, your hand, your feet, your reflection– in any situation.

4. Shoot gritty surfaces

Photograph things which are textured and gritty. Fill the frame with whatever texture you find interesting.

5. Photograph people who you love

Photograph your friends, family, partners, loved ones. Include yourself in the photograph too.

6. Photograph strangers

Photograph strangers who interest you (street photography). Photography is a passport into the lives of others:

7. Photograph advertisements

Shoot advertisements as a form of ‘visual sociology‘. By making photos of advertisements, you better understand societal values– through what different cultures and places advertise:

8. High-contrast black and white photography

Vienna, 2015

As an aesthetic, I love high-contrast black and white photography. To shoot high contrast monochrome, you can:

  1. Shoot JPEG on your camera with a high-contrast black and white preset.
  2. Shoot RAW on your camera, and later process your photos with ERIC KIM MONOCHROME 1600 presets to add a dramatic monochrome look.

Shoot anything which interests you, and just stay consistent with a high-contrast monochrome look:

9. Shoot the light

Whenever you see epic light, just photograph the light. Shoot with -1 or -2 exposure-compensation to highlight the light. You can do this during sunrise, sunset, or whenever you see a nice stream of light.

10. Shoot the color red

The color red is the most intense color (the color of blood):


Allow yourself to shoot anything which interests you. This is the best way to stay motivated with your photography, and to keep shooting for “auto-telic” reasons (shooting for yourself).

And don’t overthink photography. When in doubt, remember our motto: