Optimistic Photography

Robert Capa: one of my photographic heroes, because he was able to show the beauty and joy of life, even in the midst of pain war, and suffering. 

ITALY. 1944. Drivers from the French ambulance corps near the front, waiting to be called.

This is what I get from Capa:

Even though there is much pain and suffering in war and humanity — the joy far outweighs it!

Robert Capa was the ultimate optimistic photographer. Just look at all his photographs shot during war; he found beautiful ordinary moments despite all the pain and violence.

SPAIN. Spanish Civil War (1936-9) icp 283 Barcelona. January 1939. Entertainment for children who were being evacuated from the city, which was being bombed by fascist planes, as General Franco’s fascist troops rapidly approached.

Photographing war is very tricky — because you still want to show the pain and tragedy. Yet, we must also show that in pain and suffering, there is still joy and levity.

CHINA. Xian. May/June 1938.

Some of my favorite optimistic photos from Robert Capa:

And elegant, simple, and dynamic compositions from Robert Capa:

Never lose your optimism!