Never Stop Striving for More

A thought: perhaps the best way to become greater is to NOT be easily satisfied. Perhaps, to never be satisfied?

If we are easily satisfied, we will stop striving. 

Always strive and prosper. 

Perhaps the point of life is to never stop striving to do more, never stop striving to be more, and never stopping to strive to create more.

Consider; once you’re satisfied with anything, you stop and probably go sleep. 

For example, when I’m hungry, then eat all you can eat Korean BBQ, and then I eat until I am satisfied, I no longer have any impetus or motivation to move or do anything. I just get sleepy, and want to sleep.

“I’m never satisfied, can’t knock my hustle.” – JAY Z

A lot of modern philosophy teaches us to be grateful and satisfied with what we have, and not to strive to have more. This is a very pessimistic Buddhist notion:

Striving and desiring causes pain, thus, the best way to be “happy” is to not strive or desire anything at all. 

I think we should feel gratitude during our achievement process. Yet, we should channel our dissatisfaction to drive us upwards, to higher heights!

Boredom is wisdom 

Boredom is a wise emotion. We generally feel bored when we are no longer being challenged. 

Thus, when you feel bored, the way to “cure” yourself is simple:

Set greater challenges for yourself. 

Curiosity is good 

I am infinitely inspired by children. They are infinitely curious. Everything is interesting to them. If you’re able to find interest in everything, how can you ever run out of curiosity? 

What doesn’t make sense to you? 

Much of what drives my personal curiosity and research is this:

A lot of “common wisdom” we are taught makes no rational sense to me. Or it smells like bullshit. 

For example, I started my “Learn From the masters” series because all of this pretentious art world talk about these famous photographers seemed like bullshit to me. I wanted to discover what made these photographers great, by researching for myself. 

Much of what drives my photography is my personal curiosity:

  1. What makes a great photograph? 
  2. What is the point of making great photographs? 
  3. Why do we photographers like to make photographs? 

I don’t have all the answers; I’ve discovered a few answers for myself, but I’m still hungry to learn more. 

Never stop searching for deeper truths! 


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