iPhone 8 Camera Review

Just tested out the new iPhone 8 camera, and I’m super impressed. All photos are straight out of camera, with no processing. Some personal thoughts:

1. Shoot while lowering your exposure

To make better photos, shoot by lowering your exposure on your iPhone. The photos look 10x better.

2. Low light is fine; not great

For better low light performance, shoot HDR+ on a Google Pixel Phone, or download the Android HDR+ (hacked app) for your phone (just Google it).

3. Tones

The tones of the iPhone 8 camera look fantastic. They feel moody, calm, serene, with enough saturation and punch. The photos look good.

4. Response

The iPhone 8 camera is fast, responsive, and shoots like butter. I like the haptic response of the phone buzzing a bit when you take a photo. It reminds me of the haptic feedback when you shoot with a camera with a mirror, or with an old film camera.

My theory:

Getting a tactile and haptic response when taking photos feels good.

5. Phone cameras are awesome

I’m starting to ask myself:

Why not just shoot everything on a phone?

It’s always with us, and it’s fast and quick to process photos with VSCO, and to share is so easy.

6. Less is more

Another idea: if you want to make better photos; seek simplicity and minimalism.

One of the good thing about phone cameras:

Because your screen is so small, you make simple compositions.


99% of your viewers are seeing your photos (horizontally) on a 5” device anyways.

Thus, to make stronger compositions, make them simpler.

7. All phone cameras are good

Honestly at this point, almost all phone cameras are great. Some personal favorites:

  1. Google Pixel (I find lots more innovations in the HDR+ mode)
  2. Any iPhone
  3. OnePlus (download the Google HDR+ camera hack for it)

8. Shoot more with your phone

The phone is a legit camera. If you like shooting with your phone; shoot on!

Some tips: 13 Tips How to Take Better Photos on Your Phone >

iPhone 8 Picture Examples (no post-processing)

Most shot with minus exposure compensation, on the default iPhone app:

Phone Photography

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset. Eric kim Selfie Kyoto

The best camera is a phone:

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