In and out, 2016 (shot on phone)

Why You Should Subscribe to VSCO X Paid Service

Shot on LG G x VSCO A6 Preset

I’m a huge fan of VSCO, and if you use the “free” version of VSCO, I highly recommend signing up for their paid subscription service (VSCO X).

1. No hidden strings

My sister Annette. VSCO A6 preset.

Okay with Instagram, you’re a slave to advertisements. With VSCO X there are no hidden strings.

I’m a technologist and skeptic.

In Silicon Valley there is a saying:

If the product you use is free, then you are the product.

Therefore if you pay a monthly or yearly subscription to VSCO X, you know you’re not gonna get bullshit advertising, or having your personal data being sold to advertisers (what Instagram / Facebook does).

2. VSCO is the anti-social media

VSCO A6 preset

I love VSCO because you can share your photos, and not care about stupid likes, or comments.

The user interface is clean, and works well on both mobile and desktop.

Honestly, I think VSCO is the best thing to happen to the photography world since KODAK. #REALTALK

3. The presets are gorgeous

Taking a nap in the car. Berkeley, 2016 #VSCOA6

I have met Zack, one of the co-founders of VSCO and the engineer of the presets. I can personally vouch for him that he genuinely loves photography. He’s driven not by profit. He’s driven by helping photographers make more beautiful images.

VSCO has the best presets, bar none. Nothing comes close.

I shot medium format film vs my smartphone (processed IN VSCO A6) and I preferred the look of my photos processed with VSCO on my phone.

Oakland, 2016 #VSCOA6

And to be honest adding a good preset to your photos will make them look more aesthetically beautiful. Like adding a little salt, pepper, and garlic to a nice T-bone steak.


Sydney, 2016 #vscoa6

If you can afford $3 espressos, you can afford VSCO X Paid membership.

I’m excited to see all the community building things they will do, their new presets, and social media innovations.

Even now, I’m intrigued by the new HTC 11 U phone. Maybe I’ll ditch the Ricoh, and instead just use the HTC and just process with VSCO. And for professional work, use a digital medium format camera.

Of course you can still use VSCO for free. Just pay for their A6 series presets for colors, they are divine.

Lastly it’s good to show your support with your dollars. Your money is your vote in terms of what you support. I love the idea of paying for services and companies you love.



Samsung S7, Saigon 2017

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