Is iPhone a Real Camera?

Yes. Let me explain why.

I. You are already a photographer.

If you like to make photos, you are a photographer. You don’t need to know technical settings or the history of photography. You are a photographer if you like to paint with light. You are a photographer if you like to make images. You are a photographer if your soul is uplifted when you make a photograph.

A child is already born an artist. When we get older, we get the creativity and inner artist beaten out of us.

So friend, if you own an iPhone, you are already a photographer. Now the next goal is how to make more meaningful (and better) photos.

II. Why do you make photos?

So you make photos with your iPhone. Why do you make photos?

Do you make photos to record personal memories? To create fine art images to impress others? Do you make photos to capture personally meaningful moments, because you are afraid that those moments won’t last forever?

For me, I make photos to empower myself and others.

I make photos to get closer to strangers. I love street photograph because it is democratic, we can shoot it anywhere, anytime, with any camera.

For me, street photography helped me conquer my personal fears in life. And I feel that shooting photos can empower you and your own personal life. To not fear that which is trite, and to know that reality doesn’t bite. To fight the good fight, and know that everything in life (if you work hard enough) will be all right.

III. The best iPhone photography apps.


Use VSCO and Snapseed to process your photos. Post process your photos like how you want to season your food. Too much salt will ruin the dish; a little will greatly enhance the flavor.

For the iPhone, either use the default app or get the “ProCamera” app, enable the full screen trigger, learn how to lock and adjust your exposure, and make a lot of photos.

IV. Shoot 25% more photos than you think you should.

If you see a good scene or a moment, or if you’re shooting a family selfie, shoot 25% more than you think you should.

If you see a good street scene, and you shoot 10 photos of the scene, try to shoot 2-3 more photos.

If you’re doing a family selfie, and you make 5 photos, shoot 1-2 more photos (just in case).

With your iPhone the photos you shoot are free. So shoot more photos, but be more selective in terms of which photos you decide to upload or share. Only choose the best one photo of each scene.

V. Conclusion

You are already a photographer and stick with your iPhone. Master your photo making abilities by creating more clean compositions by removing clutter from the background. Focus on getting clean edges.

Take pride that you shoot with an iPhone or smartphone camera. Don’t let nobody talk down on you, because your camera isn’t hella expensive.

Show your quality as a photographer through your images.

Be strong,

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