Why Retire?

Dear friend, I was thinking about money in general, especially after feeling like I “missed out” on the whole bitcoin craze. But then I wondered, even if I 10x’d my savings, what would I do with the money, and for what?

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Well, I did some Googling around, and I think this is why people want a bunch of money:

They don’t want to work anymore at a company/job they don’t like, and instead travel, see the world, and pursue their creative interests.

A lot of us get distracted. Some of us think that earning a bunch of money will allow us to be happier by buying more goods, fancy cars, toys, houses, property, gadgets and stuff.

But then again, I think this concept of retirement is a bit dangerous too. Why? It gives people the dream of retiring at the beach, not doing anything, and somehow mysteriously being happy for the rest of their life.

This is bad because I think the true way to be happy is to produce and make stuff (our own artwork)!

So the goal is not for us to wait until we retire and have a bunch of money, but the goal is for us to start making stuff, and creating stuff today!

To be happier in life, make more stuff!

What are you waiting for?

I honestly think we’re not lazy or bad people for procrastinating on making stuff and our own artwork. To be frank, working a grueling labor intensive job during the day does sap away our creative energy and power.

My simple suggestion is to sleep earlier, and wake up earlier, and use the morning for your creative work when you have the most power and energy!

Either that or another suggestion: in the evening after you work, hit the gym for a bit to get a second pump of energy, maybe have some green tea, 100% cacao, or coffee, and then use the evening to do your creative work! You can do any creative work: write, draw, paint, make night time photos, make films, dance, sculpt, write poems or anything that lights your spirit on fire!

Don’t wait until you retire before you start making your artwork! Do it today, tomorrow, and everyday until you die!

Because you don’t know when you’re going to die. Who knows if you’re gonna live another 10-20 years before you can retire. You might die in a car accident, with the other guy who is texting and driving. Or you can get killed by a drunken driver.

Make artwork today!

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# Make more art!

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