To Be Happier in Life, Make More Stuff!

What do you really desire to do, achieve, obtain, or create in life (while you’re still alive)?

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To be honest I think 99% of us have no idea what we really want in life. This includes myself.

Ever since we were born, we were indoctrinated (Matrix baby style) with beliefs, ideas, concepts, hopes and dreams. I do believe in a certain extent, that for the most part we’re born as blank slates. But the writing on us, our ethics and morals, are written on us by our parents, our teachers, media, advertising, TV, music, etc.

So for example, the typical things people say they desire in life include:

  1. Traveling/seeing exotic places
  2. Buying a big and nice house, or living in one.
  3. Buying and owning a fancy car.
  4. Buying and owning fancy fashion items (clothing, watches, shoes, jewelry, etc).
  5. Always owning the newest and fanciest gadgets (nowadays mostly Apple devices, iPhone, etc.)
  6. Watching entertaining stuff, whether it be shows, movies, plays, theater, music performances, etc.
  7. Getting praise and admiration from other people.
  8. Earning a bunch of money (but for what?)

Anyways, there’s a ton of stuff that people want to either obtain, buy, or experience.

But — why?

I think most people desire the above because they’re dissatisfied in their lives and they believe these things will bring them more joy and happiness in life. Or it’s a way to fight the boredom or ennui in their lives.

I’ve discovered something in life: I think we’re happiest, most empowered, and most excited in life when we’re actively making stuff, actively learning, or actively thinking!

It means entering a state of “flow” as Mihalay C. teaches us. To be in a state of “flow” means to be in the zone: to be so focused on whatever you’re doing that you lose a sense of time, self, etc. That you feel like you have control over your life and fate! It’s like the ultimate power trip; except it is all self directed. This state of flow can emerge when you’re writing, making photos, making films, dancing, improvising, etc.

What Mihalay C says is that flow is an “optimal state” for us to be in. I agree. When we’re in a state of flow, we must be challenged and pushed to the next level. Also, when you’re in a state of flow, you’re just having more fun!

So friend I encourage you, if you want to live a happier life, ask yourself:

What do I want to create, make, or do while I’m still alive?

I think making stuff is more fun than buying stuff. For example taking an old school 1991 Nissan SE-R and strapping a turbo to the SR20 engine (by yourself) will be more fun, challenging, and meaningful than buying a brand new Lamborghini.

Similarly, it’s more fun to run around the streets shooting street photography with a RICOH GR II than buying a fancy Leica camera.


  1. Make more photos! Worry less about getting lots of followers on Instagram or whatever (I deleted mine, and I’m more inspired in my photography and I shoot more as a result).
  2. Make movies: Use the video function on your camera, or your phone, and upload it to your own YouTube channel (anyone can do this).
  3. Make beats: Use GarageBand to make your own music, then make your own photography Slideshow!
  4. Make poems: Write your own poems and share them! Study rap music, Goethe, Nietzche (The Joyful Wisdom), or anything that interests you, then share it!


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