No Camera Lasts Forever

Why are cameras so expensive– and why spend so much money on cameras, and photography equipment?


Here are some truths about cameras in photography:

  1. No digital camera will get better with age. At best, a digital camera (like a phone) will only be good for around 3-4 years (if you take really good care of it). Even iPhone, most people only own it for 2 years (part of the “upgrade cycle”). With digital cameras, it seems that models get outdated every 1-2 years. Solution: Film cameras are much more robust, especially the pure mechanical cameras (film Leica, Hasselblad). Buy FILM NOTES.
  2. No matter how innovative, exciting, new, expensive the camera you buy, you will get “used to it.” This is called “hedonic treadmill”— hedonism (pleasure) treadmill (you have to keep running to stay in place). This is why whenever you buy a new fancy car, you get “used to it” only after a month, until you buy the next new car. Solution: Anticipate the “hedonic treadmill” effect, and don’t expect a new camera to bring you pleasure forever.
  3. Buy cheap digital cameras, anticipating them to soon get outdated. Buy a RICOH GR II.
  4. Just shoot with your phone. Preferably iPhone (has better software to process your photos).
  5. Buy an old full-frame Canon5D (Mark II) if you want “bokeh” or if you shoot weddings or commercial work.
  6. Don’t get excited to buy a new camera. Just treat it like an emotionless, necessity. This will prevent you from getting drunk off the Kool Aid of new hyped up digital cameras.
  7. Read old reviews of the digital camera you ALREADY own, to find more gratitude for it.
  8. Buy 6 month old “new” digital cameras on the used market. You’ll get a much better deal on the camera…up to 30% discount. Apparently for cars, just buy a 3-year old Japanese car, for maximum “bang for the buck.”
  9. Rent new digital cameras for a weekend, for fun. Or test a new digital camera for a month for fun, then return it on Amazon (if it has a 30day return policy). Just get the hype out of your system.
  10. Just go out and shoot it. The best panacea (solution) to any distress in photography.


GAS: (Gear Acquisition Syndrome): wanting to buy new cameras, because you feel like your photos aren’t good enough, because your camera isn’t good enough:

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