Ok, I’m currently in a super ZEN MODE, let me share you my feelings… and how I got on this golden brick road.

No headphones on.

Nothing on me. No phone. No camera.

Walking with ease. Slowly, gracefully, elegantly.

Visually in tune with my environment. Relaxed perception of colors and texture. Appreciation for reality.

Focused. Indifferent to material things. Only interested in aesthetics, and making good art.

Indifference to consumption. Renewed excitement to create, make, and build.


  1. Continue intermittent fasting. No breakfast or lunch.
  2. Keep drinking black coffee, espresso and cold brew.
  3. More time standing, less sitting. Continue to do yoga stretches for your hips.
  4. No phone to get into ZEN ZONE
  5. No email
  6. No letting small petty shit get to you
  7. Walk slowly. Walk more. Be a flaneur more often.
  8. When you walk, no headphones on.
  9. Keep your eye innocent and curious, like a child.
  10. Stay centered in the present moment.


Eric kim photography Kyoto black and white zen swan

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