eric kim diptcyh - street portraits


eric kim diptcyh - street portraits

Don’t stay low; glow.

Dear friend,

You were born to do cool and epic shit— don’t stay low, fucking glow.

1. You were born with a GLOW

eric kim photography mom umma
My mom / Busan, 2014

You have an inner-light. You were given that light ever since you were born.

Your job is to discover your inner-light. And when you have discovered it, share it with as many people as you can.

2. Share your glow with others

eric kim photography mom and sister sukhee chung anna kim
My sister and mom at my old Berkeley Apartment / Berkeley, 2014

Folks are walking around in darkness— trying to find the light. Trying to find their inner-light.

To ‘enlighten’ yourself is just to glow. To know what makes you special and unique. To discover your talents, and to build upon them.

Then to share your talents with others.

3. Even though it is dark, you will still glow

eric kim cindy project portra 400-

Imagine yourself like a glow-in-the-dark stick.

You glow.

You glow in darkness. You glow when there is no hope. You glow, and even though you might not be super-bright; you stay glowing for a long time.

Don’t stay low to the ground, afraid to share your glow.

Fucking glow— and let others know about your glow.

3 Tips on How to Glow in Your Life (starting today)

eric kim street photography - color - chroma-19 black man

Some ideas:

1. Write down your top-3 skills:

cindy a nguyen making stuff
Cindy making stuff at her family home in Garden Grove, 2016

Take out a piece of paper and pen, or just do this on your smartphone. Write down what you think are your top-3 skills, talents, or interests as a kid.

For me, I think my top skills include photography, teaching, and writing. Be proud to identify your skills, and figure out how you can combine those skills and talents. For me, that became blogging and teaching workshops on photography.

2. Don’t be afraid to glow:

0- cindy project- mirror reflection parents

The biggest problem people have (myself included) is that we are afraid of sharing our glow with others. We might think that others don’t like the color or hue of our glow. We are afraid that they might not like neon-green — they might prefer pink. And vice-versa.

Your color is unique. Let it shine.

3. Wouldn’t you give someone your glow in the dark?

eric kim color photography airplane blue wires

If it is dark, the nice thing to do is to share your glow-in-the-dark stick with someone else. See that little light of yours, and let it shine.

Never stop glowing,

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