ARSBETA.COM — one of my great gifts to humanity. Without my team and squad (Kevin McKenzie, Cindy Nguyen, Annette Kim, Jun Goodhouse Kim, Ben Mills, Soren Zane), it wouldn’t be possible.

What is ARS?

ARS literally means “art” in Latin. Beta— because your artwork is always in beta mode — it’s always in testing mode. No finality to your art.

The great vision mission statement

The truly great vision:

To create the best, ultimate and greatest online art flourishing platform of all-time.

An artistic future without crowd-sourcing your self esteem? ideas by Annette Kim

The problem with Instagram:

It is the worst platform of all-time for fucking up your self-esteem as an artist, creator, individual, and person.

ARSBETA.COM is the answer. Where we actually strive to motivate ourselves and improve our photography and art work. Constructive critiques.

My philosophy in a platform

Try it out on ARSBETA.COM

Ultimately ARS is an amalgamation of my soul. Of my personal philosophy and what I think art, photography and the ideal online community should be. Wouldn’t be possible without my friends and family Kevin, Cindy, Annette, Jun, and Ben.

Play around with right now!

  • ARS screenshot
  • screenshot
  • Getting a commission critique on ARS
  • screenshot
  • How to commission a critique on ARSBETA.COM with ARS COIN
  • Turning a short comment into something deeper via ARS Commissioned critique []
  • — the first Double Blind Photography Platform
  • How to commission a critique on
  • Screenshot of how to commission a critique with ARS COIN //

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