Why ARS Will Improve Your Photography

ARS is the online photography feedback platform on the planet which can actually help you IMPROVE your photography!

First of all, as you give critiques, you improve your own photography. Why?

We all tend to make similar mistakes in photography. By critiquing the works of others, we actually endup critiquing our own work!

Thus this is fascinating:

ARS serves both a selfish and selfless purpose. It is a virtuous cycle.

Once again:

If we re-imagine giving someone a constructive critique as BENEFITTING ourselves, then we are more likely to give them, and also helping us distill our own artistic vision and taste.

Exposure to images outside of your ‘filter bubble’ screenshot screenshot

A ‘filter bubble’ is this:

The algorithm only feeds us images and content which we already like.

This makes us stuck in a bubble.

For example, let’s say I am a left-leaning liberal from Berkeley. I am stuck in my ‘filter bubble’ of things in my Facebook newsfeed like:

  • Anti-Trump stuff
  • Pro-Vegan news
  • Anti-meat news
  • ‘Woke’ literature
  • etc…

This is where ARS is great:

You are exposed to images outside of your genre.

For example this image I saw in my feed– this surreal psychedelic image:

ARS screenshot screenshot

I love it! I didn’t know before-hand I would like images like this. But I do!

ars beta

Diversity of images

As photographers, we aren’t just photographers. We are VISUAL ARTISTS. Thus, to expand our visual palette, exposure to a diversity of images is highly beneficial.

ars beta screenshot

Also of course — the benefit of ARS:

You can upload your own photos to get honest feedback and critique!

Getting a commission critique on ARS
Getting a commission critique on ARS

Learn what the hype is about

Check it out. Start uploading your photos to and also start critiquing the work of others!

Have fun out there!


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