The More You Critique the Photos of Others, the Better You Can Critique Your Own Photos

A good incentive to giving constructive critiques on

The more critiques you give to others, the better you understand your own photos, and gain better understanding how you can improve in YOUR OWN photography.

The art of the critique screenshot

When I give critiques on, this is what I try:

  1. Tell people what I like about the photo
  2. How the photo makes me feel
  3. What can be used to improve the photo
  4. To encourage people to keep going — to share my genuine feelings.
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What a critique SHOULD NOT be about

The problem with critiques:

Often many people will critique you not because they want to help you, but because they want to belittle you [and as a consequence, feel more superior or feel better about themselves].

Sometimes in our photography, people will critique your photos by saying:

Your photos are bad, because they do not resemble my own photos.

And this is the tricky thing– how do you find photographers who are willing to give you a critique [coming from a source that they genuinely want to help you?]

Commissioned critiques on

One of the great innovations about ARS is this:

Integrating an “ARS COIN” point-system, in order to incentivize us to give better critiques to other photographers. Furthermore, use our ARS COIN in order to commission critiques from other photographers in the community.

My grand vision is that ARS COIN can become a new digital ecosystem and economy for us photographers.

How to commission a critique on
How to commission a critique on

It doesn’t matter that it is all subjective; it is still worth it!

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I believe that it doesn’t matter whether art is subjective or not. It does not matter whether our critiques are subjective or not.

What matters is this:

Giving others a constructive [subjective] critique in order to help empower them.

I believe in fundamental human altruism; that we often help others without a desire for a reciprocal action.

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Flex your critique muscles on right now!

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