ARS: The Ultimate Democratic Feedback Platform for Photographers

ARS; the best (recent) innovation for photographers seeking true feedback/critique on their photographs:

Why is ARS ‘democratic’?

This is the problem with traditional social media platforms such as FacebookGram (Facebook owns Instagram):

You are a slave to the algorithm which optimizes for likes, comments, in order to make you more and more addicted to the platform, in order to serve you more advertisements (more $$$ for Facebook).

Now, I don’t necessarily think that advertisements are bad or evil. But for myself, I HATE being ‘gamed’ or being toyed with by an algorithm.

I truly believe that in modern times, algorithms are ruining our lives. We allow our souls to be subtly ‘nudged’ into certain directions and behaviors, in order to maximize our social prestige.

But what if we could escape all that bullshit? This is my vision: this is why I created ARS.

A brave new world for photographers

Recently we released ARS BETA Version 3 (with ARS Coin— our new pseudo-crypto for photographers). The basic idea is this:

We are a democratic ‘double-blind’ feedback platform for photographers.

In order to get feedback on your photos, you upload your photos to, and you provide honest critiques to other photographers in the ARS community. The more you give, the more you return.

I essentially sought to fix these problems:

  1. When we try to develop as photographer/visual-artists, we cannot get any real constructive feedback on our photos. When we upload our photos to FaceGram, we get meaningless ‘likes’ which don’t provide any useful information on how we can improve.
  2. Most people are pretty lazy and don’t want to give feedback to other (random/stranger) photographers. Thus, ARS Coin is a mild incentive for us to ‘gamify’ giving feedback to other photographers. It is like a video game– the more feedback you give, the more ARS Coin you accumulate!
  3. If we want more in-depth feedback on our photos, we can ‘Commission Critiques’ on by using our ARS Coin.
Screenshot from when you login on Desktop

Try it out!

Go to and give it a shot! Love to hear your thoughts; shoot us an email at, or if you’re interested in collaborating hit us up as well.

Join the ARS Revolution

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