How to Stimulate Economic Activity

Something that is currently on my mind is the thought of stimulating economic opportunity and activity. That is, how do you move people metaphorically and physically?

Not money, but economic activity?

An interesting thing being here in Korea; everyone uses the Korean won, KRW. A simple estimate is 10,000 won is around 8 dollars USD.

To me as an American, this is wholly confusing because I don’t really have a sense of how much things cost. For example let’s say you want to buy a home or a car, two very expensive things, the amount of zeros in commas is mind blowing.

Also, a funny thought at the end of the day:

It is all just monopoly play money.

For example, whenever I see a 10,000 won note, or even a 50,000 won note, it looks like fake money or play money to me. The same thing is when I see Vietnamese dong, or now even the US dollar.

My current thought is the best way to use and leverage money is to stimulate economic activity and to produce new things of value. For example, are insanely excited to share the announcement of HAPTIC ARMOR — available in the HAPTIC SHOP and ready for preorder. Shipping will begin mid August 2023. Don’t miss your chance to be the select few innovators to get this never-before seen product.

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Why produce?

When I was back in Kyoto, I came up with this notion of “producerism“, the antithesis or the exact opposite of consumerism. The negative bias that we got in today’s world is that we think that we can only purchase things that we like, the culture of producing and making stuff that we like is a non-concept.

For example, let us say that you are really into fashion and design and other stuff like that. The typical workflow that we do is that we simply peruse stores, the internet etc., and we try to use our discerning taste to purchase clothing items or fashion items which we believe to echo our own personal aesthetic. However I believe a much more empowering path is to figure out how to obtain purchase and procure the raw material, and get either your mom, or someone with skills to actually sew and produce it.


I ever since becoming an itinerant nomad, I have a passion for fabrics and materials which I believe to be the most supreme. For example, my never ending quest to discover, produce, the best travel clothing, whether it be Marino wool for T-shirts, Lululemon license to train shorts with zippers in the front and back, or even the vibram five finger shoes. And the exofficio boxer briefs.

Nomad Equipment

Something that I personally believe in is that if you desire to achieve the best possible life and lifestyle, becoming some sort of intermittent nomad is the best one. I call it the Genghis Khan lifestyle. That the purpose your life isn’t to buy a nice house somewhere and settle down, but always to be “on the road” or in transit, in between places. Never in one spot forever.

Some equipment that I am currently innovating:

  1. ERIC KIM CASH ARMOR: I have had a passion for merino wool the last decade or so, yet a new material and fabric which is new and foreign to me is cashmere. I actually believe that cashmere is the future and is merino wool 2.0; it is superior in terms of function. Another day I just put a typed traditional Japanese/Korean inspired cloak, made out of 100% cashmere. It is like my invisibility cloak.
  2. HAPTIC LINEN: While in Hadong South Korea, I discovered this new type of linen which I believe to be the game changer. Essentially it is 100% linen imported from Lithuania, one of the highest quality linen fabrics in the world. Yet what makes it interesting is that there is a South Korean company which processes and weaves the fabric, creating a unique three-dimensional grid weave pattern, with traditional Korean aesthetics. What makes it so phenomenal is that it is insanely strong, because it has a three dimensional hexagonal pattern; think of the octagon, which is one of the most powerful and robust patterns out there; just think of beehives and honeybees. We already have a prototype proof of concept product, which we will release an extremely limited quantities (first run is only 20 units). The use cases of it include an every day bath towel which dries insanely quickly, the other day Cindy used it to dry her self and Seneca off, and then I used it, and it was still dry. And within a few hours it already dried. Compare this to the hateful nature of cotton; it is heavy, smells bad, and takes forever to dry. It also doubles as a hot yoga mat towel; when you’re doing yoga or hot yoga, you can just drop it above your yoga mat, to prevent slippage. The third use case is using it as a rope or a shawl when out and about in nature or hiking, it is insanely breathable and can protect you from strong sun. Learn more about HAPTIC LINEN ARMOR >


What is the future of the new global economy? Not China, not Japan. The issue is that more and more companies are leaving China because of the tense political relationship between America and China. Let us consider that most manufacturing is all moving to Vietnam; Lululemon makes their clothing in Vietnam, Samsung makes their smartphones in Vietnam, and I think Apple is starting to move more production into Vietnam, I think they produced some AirPods in Vietnam.

I call it the Golden triangle; America, Korea and Vietnam.

America because it is the center of the universe; it has the world’s biggest military, and also the worlds highest spending power. South Korea I am shocked; the spending power of South Koreans is very strong. And third Vietnam, a new emerging middle class and noveau riche class in Vietnam, and also it is becoming the new mega production center.

Also, Samsung Hyundai Kia genesis and LG. America used to buy Sony TVs, now it seems that all the smart TVs produced and purchased in America are now all Samsung. Also, Americans are buying lots of Hyundai, Kia and Genesis cars. I think that Hyundai/Kia/Genesis will become the new Toyota and Lexus.


So a big thought is what is the purpose of economic activity and stirring and stimulating economic activity?

First, I think economic activity just makes everybody happier. For example, building new things, new buildings, new concepts motivates people. Second, it is good for world peace. If mainland Chinese want to keep purchasing iPhone Pros, would they really want to invade and create some sort of new World War III? No.

I also as individual entrepreneurs, life is just more fun and interesting. It is all an economic risk, but isn’t that what makes life fun and interesting?

How can you as an individual solo person stimulate economic activity?

Very very simple; produce products and attempt to sell them to other people, plan and schedule workshops or travel experiences and try to get people to sign up for them and travel with you, or just motivate people to do something.

For example, my personal impetus is that I want to inspire and motivate people to create more. To become more creative.

How to Become More Creative

Becoming more creative— some tips:

Creativity is our life blood. I believe the maximally happy life is the most creative one!

1. Create like a Child

The first thought is become more like a child. Why? A child creates without constraints, hesitation or fear.

Honestly one of the best benefits of having a kid is that it is probably the most interesting witness to creativity; you learn and understand how a child is creative, and you could cross reference this to your own adult life.

2. “Name one genius that ain’t crazy!”

I think it was once Aristotle who said something that behind every genius is a touch of madness.

I think in order to create recklessly, you must allow yourself to become a little “crazy“. Let us consider, how crazy people thought when Thomas Edison was trying to invent his lightbulb, how crazy people Elon Musk thought when he was trying to start Tesla and SpaceX, or how crazy people thought that Nikola Tesla was.

What is “craziness“ anyways? Unless you are actually afflicted with a obvious mental disorder, when people call you “crazy“, what do you mean to say is this:

“What you are doing or saying is so unlike what I believe in, how dare you be so unlike me!”

3. Creative spaces?

I think I also believe in is that there are certain physical spaces which encourage more creativity. Typically if you are surrounded by rolling hills, and greenery, a forest, and big open spaces, this will encourage more creativity.

Something that I have discovered more recently is Hadong South Korea is my new creative paradise!

4. Creative collaborative partners?

Perhaps the best optimization you could make in life is when it comes to marrying your partner, marry somebody you could be maximal creative with. For example, Cindy.

Why the economy?

What is the economy? To me it is just movement and activity of human people and bodies. For example, anything that can help motivate people to move literally and metaphorically is good.

For example, after John Wick came out, how many people were inspired to buy muscle cars or black dress shirts and blazers?

Or, let us consider how effectively Henri Cartier Bresson revolutionized photography and the whole photo industry; it is precisely because of a Henri Cartier Bresson that photography became mainstream. And also even now, the only reason someone will buy a Leica camera or Leica M rangefinder is because of Henri Cartier Besson. Essentially the ethos of Leica is simple; if you purchase our cameras you can become Henri Cartier Bresson. Or also more recently, by purchasing a Ricoh GR camera you can become ERIC KIM.

Now what?

Very very simple. The number one most critical thing you do is start your website, self-hosted. The current workflow I recommend is building a WordPress website with Amazon web services.

Second, use media as your Archimedes lever. Produce videos, thought pieces, anything that can inspire other people.

Third, I currently believe that the best marketing tool is having your own self hosted email newsletter. That is, I recommend using and setting up your email platform with Amazon web services (SES)— simple email service. The future is not Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, not even YouTube.

What do you desire to do?

I am no longer interested in what you can become; I am more interested in what you could do. What you could build, innovate, and put out there in the real world, or even the digital world. This is the great inspiring and motivating thought!


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