How I work out:

Fitness Philosophy

One of the most important and critical things is to have a certain fitness philosophy. For myself, it is all predicated around single repetitions, one rep maxes.

What is a “one rep max“? A one rep max is the maximum amount of weight you’re able to lift or shoulder or do for just a single repetition.

Why lift this way?

It seems we all want to become stronger. My personal modus for lifting is in order to become stronger. I believe that this “simple and sinister“ (Pavel), style of weightlifting is the most effective way to get very very strong, efficiently.

Focus on the legs

Not just your legs, but your upper shoulder, your back, your upper back, your butt, your legs, your calves, your feet, your spine, your shoulders etc. The genius of my new “Atlas Lift”—

It is truly a full body workout, I believe it is the new king of lifts. Even more full body than a dead lift.

Where I feel it after doing an atlas lift of 780 pounds

Very surprisingly after doing my atlas lift at 780 pounds, where I most felt it was in my shoulder, my upper back, my calves, even my wings.

Let us note the fatal flaw of most bodybuilders, their anemic hips, thighs, calves, but, abdomen, and midsection. My critique of most bodybuilders and weightlifters is that they spend too much time doing exercises in which they are sitting down or lying down on their back. The most supreme posture for a man to be in is standing. Thus an idea:

Is it possible to approach weightlifting in such a manner in which we never sat down, or laid on our backs?

What is the point of weightlifting?

For me, the purpose of weightlifting is to test your courage, test your limits and attempt to become more:

Honestly speaking, nowadays I don’t even care so much whether I’m successful in a given lift or not. I’m more interested in the amount of courage I was able to exude, and the courage and monster of my attempt.

Weight lifting is an “essay”, an “assay”— an attempt.