Thoughts on Capitalism, Happiness, and Productivity

Just had a nice chat with my friend Jeffrey Lam. Thinking about the connection between capitalism, happiness and productivity. These are a few my thoughts:

The first thought is that perhaps the end goal isn’t happiness or productivity, but to maximize your impact on the world (move the worldArchimedes lever). Leverage.

Capitalism as the new world religion

Based on what I see, and what I observe, it is that capitalism and globalism which binds the world together. For example, I am very doubtful that there will ever be a World War III between China, and America, because the two economies are so intertwined. For example, even here in Cambodia Phnom Penh, which has a very strong Chinese influence, all of the luxury brands and text is still in English.

Also consider, an elite rich Chinese would still prefer to have Balenciaga sneakers, and an iPhone. Also Yeezy sneakers.

Russia is not even part of the equation.

Happiness is the carrot and stick

Also being here in Phnom Penh Cambodia, a thought is that everyone in the world desires to improve their mode of existence. Everyone wants to live a happier, more beautiful life.

Thus, the thought is that if one is more productive (something that we have control over) greater personal productivity will lead to greater money accumulation. And the general thought is at least in America, if you are rich enough, you could buy your personal independence. And then what Americans desire to do is use their money to buy a house, security, property, and then accumulate all these luxury goods, unto no end. However, for individuals who actually do make it this far, the biggest thing they deal with is ennui and boredom. They keep buying luxury goods and going to the mall, simply because they are bored. Then the goal becomes to buy more expensive watches, more luxury cars, more Lamborghinis, thinking that this will augment their happiness.

Why happiness is not the goal

My simple thought is that actually, happiness is a physiological thing, something that has to do more about your muscular health and strength, not your mind. Therefore, the simplest road towards personal happiness then is actually more physical; powerlifting is the simplest way to become happy.

For example, the peak of my personal happiness is when I achieve a new personal record in powerlifting. For example, I just deadlifted five plates with a trap bar, and it is one of the most satisfying things in my life.

It is impossible to be happy without great sleep, at least eight hours a night, and without sun, walking around, and good food.