“Give me one firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the earth.” – Archimedes

You can move the world– as long as you know what your archimedes’ lever is:

Archimedes was one of the most influential scientists in history.

He figured out water displacement when thinking in a tub. He also devised the concept of the lever— and realized, that you are strong enough to move the world as long as you know where to stand.

1. Imagine kids jumping on a see-saw

If you think about a lever, you can lift thousands of pounds with just a wooden beam — as long as you know where to put the fulcrum.

Imagine a see-saw with two kids jumping up and down. If the fulcrum is in the center, the force is pretty strong. But if you move the fulcrum a little to the left or the right, one of the kids is going to have less leverage. And if you know where to put the fulcrum, you can even apply massive force to a 200-pound kid to fly into the air.

2. You can change the world (if you know where to stand)

Even if you did a thought experiment — if you had a long enough piece of wood (that was strong enough), you could lift the Earth.

3. What are you really fucking good at?

Credit: Reddit / Imgur

Applied in real life, we all have an archimedes lever. The archimedes lever is simply what our talent or skill is.

For example, I am very good at synthesizing complex ideas into simple ones. So my archimedes lever is simplification. So if I want to help humanity to the greatest extent— I should focus on exploiting my strengths, rather than building on my weaknesses (like answering emails).

Also, in terms of spreading messages and ideas— this blog is my archimedes lever. I always had the wrong impression by thinking my archimedes lever was social media (Facebook or Instagram). But in truth, the blog is much more powerful, and has a better-placed fulcrum. The benefit of a blog is that because it is open and free (Facebook is a closed system) — I can spread ideas much wider. Anyone with a browser can access the information on this blog; only people with Facebook accounts can access (most) information on Facebook.

With the blog, I control everything. On Facebook, their algorithm controls me.

4. What should I focus on?

If your strength in life is teaching; focus on your teaching. You will change the world by empowering your students.

If your strength in life is organizing others— focus on being a leader. The world needs you to organize us to do useful things and not to waste our time.

If your strength in life is writing, focus on your writing. You don’t necessarily need to make a living from it — but you must write.

If your strength is visual imagery — perhaps your archimedes lever is your photography, painting, drawing, sketching, or sculpture. Focus on that.

5. Exploit your strengths

So to simplify all this,

Do more of what you are really good at.

And don’t fake humble. You know what you’re good at. Be proud of it.

Think to yourself:

I’m fucking good at this. I believe in myself. I don’t need the approval of nobody else. I’ll just ‘do me’ and focus on this, in order to empower the greatest number of people on Earth.

Be strong to your life’s purpose— and keep building your strengths.


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