In Praise of Black and Silver

One thing I think a lot about is cars. I was always into cars, ever since I was 15 years old, and even today, I’m still very interested. Why is that? In America, we see more cars than people. Also, because I’m interested in design, industrial design, car design, I wonder a lot about car color combinations.

Some quick thoughts on color combinations for cars:

  1. Right now, the trend is towards all black everything. For example, get a black car, with black rims, and you black out all the components. Also all black tint. but the problem with this aesthetic is multiple: first of all, it is insanely hard to keep your car clean, your car gets very very hot if you live in Southern California, your car paint does not last long, and in someways, the look is a little bit played out. Also the downside with tint especially if you live in Southern California is that sooner or later, the tint will bubble, and look ugly.
  2. The classic thing to do in Southern California is to just get a white car. This is smart because it hides dirt well, and also reflects heat. Also, the paint will last a long time. But the problem with white cars is that White is boring also, it is a bit of an eyesore, it is almost too bright, and reflects too much light.
  3. I’ve actually discovered that silver is actually a very good color combination. Why is that? Silver Does a pretty good job of reflecting heat, is pretty low-key, and also has good contrast especially if you contrasted with black components. For example, a silver car with black rims actually looks very good. The only downside of silver is that traditionally, silver is seen as a very boring color. However, once upon a time in the past, silver was actually seen as the color of progress. The silver bullet. All aluminum and silver components were seen as futuristic. Let us consider airstreams, and a lot of turn of the century design. something I actually really liked, which I did not expect to like, was seeing all silver Tesla cars. I actually think that the Tesla model S in all silver, will silver components looks very good. Also, the Tesla model three with all silver components also looks very good. A silver car, with silver components, and silver rims, if done well and is very clean, looks very modern, futuristic, and progressive.
  4. Red is the classic hot rod color, and also the color that Robert Downey Jr. decided to make his Iron Man outfit. Yet, even though red is probably the best car color in terms of attracting attention, it is almost a little bit too bold. I’ve personally owned a red Mazda Miata in the past, and red quickly loses its novelty. Also there is the myth that red cars attract more police attention, and is more likely to give you a ticket.
  5. Yellow is also a good color, as it is very bright and bold. It seems that also yellow is the de facto color for Lamborghini cars. Yellow is also loud, and attracts a lot of attention. But, yellow almost feels a little too childlike. Big bird is yellow, schoolbuses are yellow, bumblebees are yellow, etc. Taxis are yellow.

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