Entrepreneurship Mindset

What is the mindset of the entrepreneur? And what is an entrepreneurial mindset? Some thoughts:

  1. Can I build it and design it myself? Rather than buying it, we have much more pride in building it, and designing it ourselves.
  2. It doesn’t matter that much to be unique or different, the more important question is whether we are passionate about it or not. For example, since high school and college, when I discovered that photography was my passion, I like the idea that maybe I could make photography my living. However, I actually did not think it was possible. Therefore the pragmatist in me strove towards marketing instead, which I knew would be much more secure as a profession. There has been many photographers who have come before me, yet I was able to pay my own unique way, combining my interests and expertise in sociology, marketing, social media, blogging, education, and the Internet. Therefore, my desire to be a photographer was not unique, but it was my passion. No need to be different.
  3. Producer mindset over consumer mindset: are supreme joy isn’t producing and creating, rather than buying it. I call this producerism.
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