Producerism is more fun than consumerism

To produce and make stuff as 1000x more fun than simply consuming, being passive, being “entertained”, and buying new things.

What’s producerism?

Producerism is having a propensity to create and produce. Produce things, ideas, photos, art, etc. You can produce material things or metaphysical (immaterial) things like concepts and ideas.

Why is consumerism boring?

It takes no skill to consume or buy something. More fun to modify, hack, customize, do it yourself, or MacGyver it.

For example more fun to buy a project car and modify it than to outright buy an impressive sports car.

More fun to make your own photos than look at the photos of others. More fun to make your own raps and rhymes than listen to to the raps of others.

When in doubt, create!

As children we are all born creators, but as we get older we are taught to fear creating. Why? Fear of criticism of others. Society and our teachers tell it is “good” or “bad”. Fear of having our art called bad teaches us:

Better to not create art (than create art and have it judged as bad).

By being consumers, we have no fear! You cannot really be criticized for buying something new. There’s no real connection between the thing you buy and you. Whereas there is a special connection between us and our art works (our art works are like our children, and we don’t want others to criticize our children).

Don’t be scared to make or produce


Don’t be afraid to make and share.

Don’t expect others to like or praise your artwork. But there is a .001% chance that your artwork will empower another human being, it is worth sharing!

Make and share on!


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