We got hyper cars; why not hyper humans?

What would a hyper human look like?

  1. Hyper muscular and strong
  2. Hyper determined and focused in their life passions and ambitions
  3. Hyper energetic and hyper confident in themselves and their own abilities
  4. Hyper fun, silly, yet smart, intelligent and serious about their play.
  5. Hyperlight: Few material possessions (to remain physically unburdened). Metaphysically and mentally hyperlight (not letting petty issues weigh you down)
  6. Hyper optimistic and hopeful: For yourself, your future, and society.
  7. Hyper artistic and innovative

Everyone has the potential to become hyperhuman

Your race, ethnicity, sex, gender, background, job, family lineage, bank account balance, age, etc doesn’t prevent your from becoming hyperhuman. It is 100% dependent on your personal effort, hustle, and willpower.