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Money-Making and Your Passion as Separate?

I wonder this barbell theory: if you want to maximize your money making potential, maybe it is good to separate your money making profession and your passion. For example, you’ll probably make a lot more money as a lawyer then even the highest paid photographer.

Now or is still possible to make a lot of money as a photographer, but the money making potential of a photographer is much lower than that of other professions.

I’ve made more money in crypto than photography

Funny enough, I think I’ve made more money than one year of cryptocurrency speculation then 10 years of teaching photography workshops.

Even though at this point, the reason why I still teach workshops and produce and sell products (Haptic Industries) is for fun, and a personal entrepreneurial challenge.

You can still pursue your passion

When I was in college, I believe strongly in this idea following your passion. For example, I followed my passion in sociology and photography, and I succeeded. This doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will succeed, but by pursuing your passion, you have more self motivation, grit, and self-confidence.

Don’t worry so much about the money thing

My big take away is this: do not see money as a legitimizing force. making money from your passion does not make your passion any more legitimate or less legitimate.

As long as you make enough money to cover your meat, coffee, and rent, you’re good.

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