selfie ERIC KIM Ricoh gr iii wrist strap


The equipment I am currently using:

  1. RICOH GR III in small JPEG, High contrast black-and-white mode, with highlight exposure metering. ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP MARK II.
  2. ERIC KIM WALLET with transcend SD card, with 64 GB.
  3. For my travel street photography backpack, think tank backpack.
  4. For clothing, black merino wool outlier.NYC T-shirt, black merino wool leggings, black merino wool shorts. L run shark water shoes slippers. Ex officio black boxer briefs. In short, all black merino wool everything.
  5. 13’’ MacBook Pro Touch Bar, space gray, maxed out refurbished from 2017. My next laptop will be a MacBook Air.
  6. iPhone 11 Pro, refurbished, space gray, with no case. I prefer the iPhone mini, and my next phone will be an iPhone mini, of course with no case. Living life on the edge!
  7. No watch, no socks.
  8. No car. I don’t currently own a car, just currently borrowing Cindy‘s mom‘s car.
  9. 80% my cryptocurrency is Chainlink, 10% digibyte, 1 bitcoin, and I’m starting to accumulate Ethereum.