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How to Invest in Your Photography

In today’s world, it seems to only make ‘prudent’ investments towards your ‘future’ — in order to ‘retire’ and to ‘save’.

But — what if this were all just a trap? Which just keeps us complacent, living our little cubes (like FREE GUY).

What is a better investment? Towards our own life, our own current world, our current reality– our art (photography).

1. What if we made the meaning of our life photography?

It seems we all want some sort of ‘purpose’ or direction in life. Or some ‘life goals’. But what if —

Photography were the way, and the end goal?

2. Investing time and money?

So — why not just invest more time and money into our photography? Investing in photography books. Investing in travel, photography workshops and travel. Buying the equipment that would really help us (RICOH GR III x ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP MARK II).

Using your money to rent AirBnbs, for flights, expenses, food, etc.

3. Investing in your own website? and installing The best investment. Investing in premium (paid) WordPress themes. Make your own website your own photography platform.

4. Investing in photo experiences

The best investment is experiences. Experiences will test you, put you outside of your comfort zone, and give you the new eyes to see new sights, to make new photos.

Optimizing your life and your lifestyle for photography seems to be wise.

5. Spending money to go out?

Even though it is more financially ‘better’ to eat at home, going out to eat (restaurants) will often lead to more photo opportunities.

6. Living in a city optimized for (street) photography?

Living in a downtown area, where you can maximize your walking. Best for street photography.

7. Investing money to build your own photography platform, and creative vision?

Educational tools, books, mentors, human resources. Or using your money or crypto currency to speculate on photography-related ventures.

I see a great opportunity with the blockchain to disrupt traditional social media in photography.

8. You are the outlier.

All we need is one stubborn individual to change the word (Nassim Taleb). You are the outlier.



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  1. Cool to see you can buy crypto on Venmo (thanks Alexander Morgan) — just bought my first $100 of Ethereum as a fun little experiment.
  2. Thinking about ‘dynamic NFT’s
  3. Perhaps the ‘all black everything’ (matte black) is a good aesthetic. Not the best aesthetic, but the aesthetic you are least likely to bore of.
  4. Really like the design of the N Line Night Hyundai Sonata.
  5. Lamborghini is no longer interesting to me.
  6. Just buy it and forget it (forget thinking about products, focus on philosophical introspection and photography creation)

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