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Dear friend,

If you’re hungry for an epic street photography adventure, I cordially invite you to my MEXICO CITY Street Photography Adventure Workshop Experience (Saturday/Sunday, December 18-19, 2021):

Why Mexico City?

Mexico City hand kid street photography

Mexico City is my favorite city in the world (besides Saigon). The culture, the people, the food, the streets.

The best way I can describe Mexico City:

Imagine the romantic nature of Paris (street life culture, cafe culture), meets the warmth of Mexican people and culture.

The best place to practice street photography

Mexico City street photography ERIC KIM

I also love shooting street photography in Mexico City because typically speaking Mexican people are very photo-friendly, unlike in the states. I have found shooting street photography in Mexico City one of the most enjoyable and meaningful experiences, as I can both shoot candid street photography and also shooting street portraits while engaging with locals, and practicing my Spanish.

Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs

Why do I keep wanting to go back?

selfie ERIC KIM glasses Mexico City

I cannot deny my passion for Mexico City. It is where Cindy and I honeymooned, and ever since then, I have fallen in love. With the romantic streets of Roma Norte (there is even a great film on it, called ‘Roma’), and the great walkability of the city. Some of the best food experiences, travel experiences, and conversations have resulted from being in this magical city.

Mexico City layers ERIC KIM

A great opportunity to level-up your photography

Mexico City open hand

Mexico City is certainly an adventure. The streets and neighborhoods have so much variety, and every corner is bustling with street life.

layers Mexico City

I also see Mexico City as the ideal place to practice both your color or your monochrome street photography.

Mexico City light street photography

What to expect

Cindy Mexico City

In this epic workshop, expect:

  1. A chance for a cultural experience: Practice your Spanish (or learn a few phrases) and connect with locals.
  2. Lots of great walking, strolling, and perusing the beautiful avenues and streets of Mexico City (it really feels like Paris with Spanish vibes).
  3. Great food. Great street food (the best tacos in the world), and also the best ‘bougie’ dining (some of the top restaurants in the world are in Mexico City)
  4. Great company: I personally prefer travel experiences with other like-minded passionate individuals. The connection you will get with the fellow students (and me, ERIC KIM) will make it an unforgettable experience. Not only great conversations on photography, but also life.
  5. A chance to re-spark your passion for photography, and reset your mind: One of the best things about traveling is that I consider it a ‘soft reset‘ for your mind and soul. If you’re feeling trapped at home, or hungry for some adventure, this will be your ideal experience.
  6. Invest in experiences, not stuff: If you’re like me, we always think that buying the newest Apple product, Leica camera, or perhaps Tesla will bring us ultimate joy and satisfaction. But in fact, it is the experiences we have which define us. Also, the greatest joy is when we are actively creating new artwork (photography), and travel photography experiences are great for that.
  7. Opening your mind: If you’ve never been to Mexico City, it is hard to define. A lot of us in America tend to think of Mexico as some sort of shady developing place. But Mexico City — it is a height and summit. You will see more Lamborghinis and Maseratis in some of the bougie Mexico City neighborhoods (like Polanco) than even in Beverly Hills. To see the vast dynamic range between the uber-wealthy in Mexico City and the working class is a fascinating sociological experience.
  8. Focus on your street photography: I will make this workshop experience bespoke to you — if you want to practice layers in street photography, street portraits, getting closer, using a flash, elevating your monochrome or color street photography, this workshop is for you.

Personalized direction for you

Mexico City abstract ERIC KIM Cindy

If you want some personalized feedback, and honest feedback and critique on your work and style, this workshop is a perfect all-access opportunity for you. I want you to prepare a portfolio of your best work before the workshop, in order to get real-time feedback from me.

My personal desire is this:

Help you identify your greatest strength and attribute in your photography, and help you achieve your ‘personal maximum‘.

Mexico City girl roller blades

Practical questions on Mexico City

If you’re concerned with COVID, the good news is Mexico City has currently hit the ‘green zone’ for COVID. My friends on the ground in Mexico tell me that at least in the big cities, mask-compliance indoors is high, and covid-19 testing is easily accessible at any local pharmacy in Mexico City (they are everywhere).

Travel overview for Americans

  • Before going back to the states, you must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within 3 days prior to your travel (regardless of your vaccination status).
  • There are zero states designated as ‘red’ in Mexico for COVID.
  • PCR and antigen tests are available for US citizens in Mexico, and are reliably available within 72 hours.
  • The CDC requires that air passengers arriving into the US have a paper or electronic copy of their test result to be reviewed by the airline before boarding.
  • If you test positive, you must self isolate and delay your travel. Once you have recovered completely from Covid 19, you may return.
  • If your flight is delayed before departure, you will need to re-test in case your test falls outside of the 3-day pre-departure testing period.

More information for US citizens here >

Testing in Mexico City

selfie Mexico City ERIC KIM eyes

1. Laboratorio Médico del Chopo Sonora

Covid tests available 12:00-1:30pm from Monday to Saturday. The COVID antigen test is around 34 USD.

2. Olab Medical Diagnostics

Only ~369 pesos (18 USD) for a test.

You can get a rapid covid test for traveling back into the US, without an appointment.


  1. Go in, security guard will give you a number, wait for it to be called and go to the window.
  2. Get a quick swab, results in around 30 minutes.

3. Laboratorio Médico del Chopo Gelati

For other options, you can go on Google Maps and search ‘covid test’ to find a place close to you.

Where to stay

food Mexico City

I recommend staying in a nice airbnb in ‘Roma Norte’ or just get a hotel in Roma Norte.

For hotels I recommend the Stanza Hotel for the best price and location.


Mexico City espresso
  • Meeting Point: Meet at 11am at Almanegra Cafe (Tonalá 53, in Roma Norte) on Saturday morning (December 18th).
  • Times: 11am-5pm on both Saturday and Sunday (we will get dinner every night afterwards where we can continue our great conversations, review photos, and enjoy great meals).
  • Dates:Dec 18-19th, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Student cap: 10 passionate individuals.
  • Location: Roma Norte, Mexico City (CDMX).

Before traveling to Mexico City

According to the CDC, some key info:

  1. You are highly recommended getting fully vaccinated before traveling to Mexico (but it is not required).
  2. During travel you are REQUIRED to wear a mask at the airport and on the flight.
  3. A negative COVID-19 test is not required for entry to Mexico.
  4. You are NOT required to have a vaccine before entering Mexico.
  5. You are NOT required to quarantine before or upon arrival to Mexico City.
  6. If you’re an American citizen, you do NOT need to apply for a VISA for a short stay (you only need a visa if you plan on staying longer than 180 days).

More info

If you’re coming from the EU or anywhere outside of the states, I recommend you to Google the most recent information on regards to travel to Mexico City.

Investing in an unforgettable experience

I’m so certain that you will be blown away by this phenomenal experience that I offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If after this experience you don’t feel that you had a life-changing experience, just let me know and I will give you back 100% of your tuition.

Why do I offer this guarantee? Well, I understand the workshop is a big financial and time commitment, and I personally got ‘skin in the game’ to ensure you have the best possible experience. Also, I want to lower the ‘risk aversion’– at least we can guarantee the ‘no downside, all upside’ in terms of the financial investment.

Secure your spot now

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  • Tuition: 2500 USD

To secure your spot for this workshop experience, either pay here or with the PayPal button below (accepts credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc):

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Once you have submitted your deposit, your spot for the workshop is secured.

Prior to the workshop, you will get a personalized email from me outlining more information.

Don’t miss out

ERIC KIM mexico city workshop

Life only happens once. Don’t miss your opportunity to invest in this unforgettable experience.

Secure your spot

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Tuition: $2500

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Super pumped to have you!


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