What do we tire and bore of? What *don’t* we tire and bore of?

I think this is the great secret to life:

As artists, what do we tire of, and what *don’t* we tire of?

First thought:

We quickly bore and tire of aesthetics.

We bore and tire of fashions, car design, phone design, and certain aesthetic trends. Any consumerist or materialist thing or trend … we tire of so quickly and easily. Even when I imagined getting a black-paint Leica M9 (later sold it and traded it for a film Leica MP) and a Leica 35mm f/2 Summicron Lens … how quickly I got tired of the design and the concept. I can also imagine one would quickly tire of owning a Lamborghini (even if you had the black on black Aventador, matted/murdered out with the Lambo/Billionaire/scissor doors).

What *don’t* we tire of? Art. Specifically, the act and process of creating our own artwork. This means creating digital art (Procreate/Zen Brush on iPad/iPhone) or photographs (in praise of street photography and photography in general).

So what are we to do?

car cover abstract

The simple thought:

We tire less of new experiences than buying new things.

Thus spending as little money as possible on expensive things (your home, your car, etc) and spending that money on travel, experiences, workshops, books (books can be seen as an experience) and anything that empowers you to do more photography.

We don’t tire of our physique and our bodies

selfie side flex ERIC KIM

We are less likely to tire of our own bodies and physique. This is the most important thing to beautify.

ERIC KIM mirror selfie flex

The simple formula:

Keep adding more muscle mass, and keep lowering your body fat percentage.

My child

I never tire of seeing the daily growth of Seneca, my son. In some ways, if you desire to have the most fun, interesting and meaningful life … having a child is the ultimate.

Philosophy, writing and turbo-thoughtting

car cover abstract

Philosophy is king. Keep writing, thinking, walking, contemplating, meditating, re-challenging your beliefs and sharing them with others.

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