Our Hunger for New Experiences

What is it that we *really* want in life and out of life?

The hunger and desire for new experiences to test us, challenge us, provoke us and awaken us.

An indoor and “safe” life as the worst life. The best life being outdoors, in public, on the streets, at the gymnasium, with other people.

So it’s not the thing we want, but what the thing *promises* us. For example we desire a certain car to become more “adventurous” (go hiking more often, explore and test the outdoors) or the sports car to live a more “extreme”lifestyle — stunting in front of other humans or driving fast to get your adrenaline up.

So let’s not get suckered by things — let us pursue these new epic embodied expediences to build ourselves, develop ourselves and become more of ourselves.

Seek to supersede yourself and become more: