Selfish ‘Sacrifices’

It seems that the bias is that all sacrifices are good sacrifices; that sacrifices you do for the sake of others is good. But when are “sacrifices” selfish in disguise?

Thinking about self-interested “sacrifice” and “sacrifices”:

What does it mean for a parent to “sacrifice” for their kids?

For example, when a parent “sacrifices” for their kid, are they really being “selfless”? Truth be told, a child is simply the ego-extension of the parent. Thus in some ways, when a parent sacrifices for their kid, they do it for self interested and self motivated purposes. And that isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it is a good thing. If parents didn’t have any selfish or self motivated purposes in regards to their kids, perhaps a parent wouldn’t sacrifice so much for their kids, and the kids would be screwed.

Giving sacrifices and selfishness (and self interested sacrifice) a good name

I say we shouldn’t see “sacrifices” as a bad thing but rather a good one. Similarly speaking, we shouldn’t chest thump and try to virtue signal and saying how virtuous we are by “sacrificing so much” for others and for our kids (which only leads to future confusion and resentment).