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An interesting insight which was spared by reading Chris Dixon on why decentralization matters:

Centralization is bad for humanity.

A life with no choices is communist and bad. Communism means “all is one, and all is communal”. If Facebook becomes the only portal to your friends on the internet, isn’t this bad?

AOL was just lame

AOL was awesome as a kid, getting access to the internet. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) was fun when I was a kid. But it eventually died off. I’m quite bullish that Facebook and Co will never become the only portal to the internet, but I just think Facebook is becoming a new digital caste system:

Poor and low class people use Facebook and Instagram, the true rich and privileged prize their privacy and will use things like Telegram or Signal instead.

And the truly uber-rich actually have the privilege of NOT needing to own a phone. The new ultimate reverse-flex:

  1. NOT own a car
  2. NOT own a home and mortgage
  3. NOT own a phone

Via negativa wealth.

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