Your Body is the Brand

Your name, your face, and your body is the brand. To make yourself more recognizable, influential, or impactful — focus on you.

Proof is in the pudding

Let us consider —

Would you trust the advice of a personal trainer who doesn’t have a 6-pack?

  • deadlift rock ERIC KIM
  • rock toss ERIC KIM
  • Planche rock
  • deadlift
  • rock pick up
  • rock deadlift
  • ERIC KIM rock toss ERIC KIM
  • face side flex

Bare it all.

You got nothing to hide.

This advice is applicable both to men and women. We all know womens’ body quite well (Kim K). But how rarely do we see male bodies in the bare?

My Home Dumbbell Workout (Turkish Getup, Pistol Squats)

Don’t hide

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