Put Your Face On It

If you truly have any real beliefs. you must have the courage and audacity to put your real life face on it.

On putting more personal skin in the game

The biggest problem:

Nobody has the guts to take extreme responsibility for themselves, their lives, and to have a true opinion.

What is a ‘true’ opinion? To me, it means saying or writing what is really on your mind, what you really believe in, while putting your face and name on whatever you say, do, or write.

Furthermore, this means being exposed to the potential upside or downside of your actions, claims, speech, or writing.

In other words:

Reveal your own true preferences though your words and actions.

Why reveal your true preferences?

This is the only way that humanity can thrive and prosper. We need more individuals who have the guts, balls, and huevos to put their true opinions out there. At least the benefit of being in America; you won’t be jailed for your opinion.

Your face and real name as the ultimate seal of authenticity

I believe that all opinions are subjective and no real ‘facts’ exist (outside the realm of math and physics). There are no ‘social’ facts. And if you truly understand statistics … you will understand the purpose of statistics (a tool of the state, ‘statistics’ comes from the notion of STATE-istics), is for a government to exert her power and to also track her progress over time.

Conflict of Interest

All personal interests are personal

Or in other words:

There will ALWAYS be a conflict of interest for the individual vs the collective.

This means, be highly skeptical and suspicious of the opinion of anyone, even your own.


Put zero to no faith to those who have an ‘opinion’ but do not attach their face, head, or name to it.

Opinions in Ancient Greece?

In the past to have an opinion without showing your face was impossible. Now with technology, it is.