Why I’m Genuinely Optimistic

My scars — experiencing the deepest pain and trauma gives birth to new light, and true and genuine optimism for the future.

You cannot reach the highest highs without first experiencing the lowest lows

Life ain’t about trauma avoidance. To me, it is about trauma channeling. This means:

Have pride in your trauma, and have the trauma uplift and motivate you, not depress you.

Why does ERIC KIM always seem so cheery?

I’ve seen a lot. Domestic abuse, my mom going through bankruptcy (twice) because my dad gambled away the rent money in Reno, etc. A hard knock life, or a hard school is the best school. This is why I have zero tolerance towards softness, especially our new soft society.

In spite of all the pain, suffering and injustice … life is still beautiful!

The very optimistic thought:

Pain, suffering, difficulty and injustice is what brings out the best in life. Thus it ain’t about building a society which totally snuffs these out. Rather, how we can use pain, difficulty and suffering as a stimulus to elevate us higher.


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