street photography covid providence

Socially Distant Street Photography Assignment: One Bus Length Away (30 feet rule)


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Dear strettogs, simple assignment for this week:

Go out and shoot ‘socially distant’ street photos (at least one bus length away), with your face mask on.

And then upload your best photos to

The brave new world of street photography

street photography covid providence

Robert Capa once said:

“If your photos aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

New thought:

If your photos aren’t good enough, you’re too close.

This means observe the ‘one bus length away’ (30 foot rule) in street photography. Put on your face mask, and go out and shoot. Use this opportunity to experiment with a longer lens (maybe try a 50mm like Henri Cartier Bresson). Use this chance to practice making good photo compositions from a distance (like Garry Winogrand).

What do you got? Go out and shoot, and upload your best photos to ARS >

Also, give honest feedback to others in the community, so we can all thrive together.


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What I’m reading

Some book recommendations:

  1. The Birth of Tragedy
  2. Epistles of Horace
  3. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

What I’m thinking

  1. The philosophy of ugliness
  2. Towards a harder society (sociology). Wondering why our society is so soft?
  3. You can only ever become yourself … why become anyone else? [How I became me]

Motivational quotes

  1. The rolling stone gathers no moss (Publilius Syrus)
  2. Burn your boats behind you (the gist is you gotta keep moving forward)
  3. That which attempts to kill me only makes me stronger (Nietzsche).


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