Towards a Philosophy of Food

Why care for your diet, what you eat?

Misconceptions about human physiology


  1. Meat is ‘bad’ for you.
  2. Sugar and carbs are ‘necessary’ for you
  3. Saturated fat, meat, red meat, pork, fatty cuts of meat, cholesterol is ‘bad’ for you.
  4. A vegetarian/vegan diet is ‘healthier’ for you
  5. You must moderate your meat intake.
  6. You must always eat 3 square meals a day [the inverse is true; intermittent fasting is supreme]

Morality and food should not be mixed.

If one decides not to eat meat for ethical reasons; totally fine. Or environmental reasons. But one should not expound that eating vegetarian or vegan is ‘healthier’ for oneself. Because it is misleading, and not specific enough.

What does one mean when one talks about being ‘healthy’ or ‘healthiness‘?

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