Entrepreneurship is The Goal

The goal:

Self ownership through entrepreneurship.

Eagles fly solo

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Fly solo. You then gain EXTREME RESPONSIBILITY for your life— all your successes and failures are only attributable to you.

Money abstract

Minimum viable income

First principle:

What is your minimum viable income, towards a universal basic income for yourself?

The goal ain’t to become rich. The goal is to gain freedom.

For me:

  1. Don’t own a phone. No phone bill. No expensive smartphone bill. You can still own a smartphone, just use it with WiFi.
  2. No subscription services. No Spotify, Netflix, Amazon prime. Certainly no cable TV or other superfluous subscription services.
  3. Extreme frugality: Make it sexy. Just buy a few expensive things (all merino wool clothing and a good laptop and camera), and go cheap on everything else. Meat for 99 cents a pound (pork, chicken). Make coffee at home. Work from home.
  4. Live like a poor college student. Or move to Vietnam (Hanoi or Saigon) and live on the cheap. Mexico City also good.

Money as skin in the game

Why charge money for workshops? Because it gives your students skin in the game. They work harder and don’t slack off. When things are free, we have no commitment.

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