ERIC KIM laughing lady white hair red lips blue sky New York City street portrait Ricoh gr ii macro mode 28mm

How to Become More Charismatic

My thoughts:

What is charisma?

Khairo: full of cheer! Kerro: to rejoice! If you have charisma, you’re full of good cheer, and you rejoice about life!

Why am I so cheery?

I love life! I love being alive. I’m in great physical health. My theory:

Charisma is a physiological thing. If you’re rejoicing about your body, you will rejoice about life.

Talking with others as social play and jousting

When talking to people or others; always have fun with it! Joke around, and don’t take the interactions too seriously.

Also it seems effective to poke fun at yourself!

Street photography starter kit

Street photography is fun because it is all about charisma; especially when shooting street portraits.

Allow yourself to ‘shoot the shit’

With any social interaction; don’t take it too seriously. Allow yourself to talk nonsense and just have fun!

Practicing foreign languages

I love foreign languages. Why? It gives me the chance to talk like a kid again!

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