On Fear

Do you desire to fear?

Is it your duty to fear, or feel fearful?

Do others guilt you into fearing?

If you’re not fearful when others are, they try to guilt you. Why? They then think to themselves:

If I do not make that other person feel fearful, then I will somehow upset my own ego.

Let us consider– if you’re not fearful, but the other person is, there must be one person who is “wrong”. And the other person doesn’t want to feel wrong or think they are wrong. Thus, they will try to bully you into making you think that YOU’RE the wrong one, or the dumb one, or the insane one.

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Where does fear come from?

Physiology. Consider when we feel fear, it originates from the body. Hormones. Stress hormones. Cortisol, norepinephrine, and a trillion other hormones we probably don’t know yet.

I know for myself, when I feel anxious or fearful, I can feel it in my body. I can feel my heartbeat increase, and feel the cold sweats. It is a physiological emotion I don’t really like much. Certainly with fear comes a spurt of adrenaline as well.

What does a life free of fear look like?

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I don’t feel fear. And as a consequence, I am more free to make art, think, and innovate. For example, poetry. And as of late, making freestyle poems/raps.

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A mind free of fear, in order to maximize your growth, and arts-creation?

To me supreme happiness is having the supreme repose and carefree attitude of a god. This means:

Not having your mind entrapped with fear, anxiety, or care.

You don’t want a tense mind. Having a care-free mind is one of the supremest goods to us human beings.

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But then again, that isn’t to say that our lives must have no stress, anxiety, or fear. I think ultimately it is about:

Being able to do what you wanna do *in spite* of fear, anxiety, stress, anger, etc.

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Make fear your slave

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Ultimately, you wanna make fear your slave. Enslave your fear, and make it your little pet.

Then, brave on!


FEAR 101

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How to conquer your fears:

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